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Your home on the internet for information about, and for specimens of, minerals that are radioactive!

Inside you will find articles on individual deposits of radioactive minerals around the world, information about individual radioactive minerals, links to other resources online and specimens of radioactive minerals available for purchase. Radioactive minerals are great teaching instruments, sought after by locality collectors, historians and mineral collectors. While EVERYTHING on earth is radioactive, these specimens are great examples of crystalized radioactive elements.

Please select from our categories to the right, the top two are for information, while the others are galleries of specimens available for purchase. Radioactive minerals are not hazardous, as the level of radioactivity is low. Kept in any standard mineral collection, they pose no risk to the collector. While there is no restriction for the sale of radioactive minerals we ship to each country on a case by case instance.

We have the exclusive line of new Radioactive Minerals from the Llano Uplift in Central Texas! The Llano uplift has been known as a producer of radioactive and rare earth minerals, however production virturally stopped several decades ago. Now, an avid radioactive mineral field collector has been scoring some major success after many years of mapping, searching and negotiating access rights from property owners. Tough job! Well, the fruits of his labor are now available to you, a broad selection of fantastic new finds from Texas including the first reported find of Monazite crystals from Texas and a VERY RARE sample of Xenotime-Yb. Check out our New Items

Last Update 10-23-2011!!

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